Horsemanship Safety Certification Association

Why are there so many equine related lawsuits out there and why are there so many horse related accidents?  The reason is negligence and a lack of PROPER experience. 

Safety Certification for Riders and Non-RidersHSCA’S goal is to prevent accidents resulting in lawsuits due to ignorance and incompetence.   We want to teach Business owners, Clubs, Managers, Show Stewards, Instructors, Trainers, Owners, Trail Guides, Carriage Operators, Jockeys, Camp Counselors, Grooms, Employers, etc. the PROPER safety basics of  horsemanship.

HSCA Clinics, for riders and non-riders, will focus on Safety Education, Liability Issues, Illness/Injury Prevention, Risk Management, Protective Equipment, Emergency Protocols, Safe Work Practices, and Safe Environment.

Miss Younger founded the Horsemanship Safety Certification Association LLC after forty years in the horse business as a result of her own near fatal injury fall nearly twenty years ago that ended her Grand Prix Jumping career on the US Show Jumping Team.  Miss Younger believes that her accident COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED if she had used more common sense and had paid better attention.  Miss Younger’s goal is to educate and share her knowledge in hopes of keeping people involved in the horse industry accident and lawsuit free.